Careprost serum – natural beauty enhancer

Glaucoma can damage the optic nerve by blocking the flow of watery humor out of the eye and raising the pressure inside the eye at the same time. Eye drops for glaucoma lower the pressure in the eyes to help it get better. It is a prostaglandin derivative, which is a type of medicine. A lot more watery fluid drains from the eyes because of the medicine, which helps ease the pressure. Most doctors say that people with the problem should put one drop of the eye drop into their damaged eye every day.

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How does it do its work?

Bimatoprost is the name of the man-made chemical that is similar to the naturally occurring prostamide found in careprost. The second one is a chemical that works like prostaglandins and makes different body parts do different things.

The eye drop’s bimatoprost connects to the same receptors in the eyes as prostamide. This makes it easier for aqueous humor, the eye fluid, to leave the eyes through the trabecular network, a network of cells that are soft and stretchy. When the flow of the fluid is even, the eye pressure goes down too. In turn, this lowers the chance of hurting the visual nerve.

Bimatoprost is the main ingredient in Careprost USA. Sodium monohydrate, phosphate dibasic, citric acid, sodium chloride, filtered water, and benzalkonium chloride are some of the other things that are in it. To change the pH values, you can also add hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

People shouldn’t take care if they are:

Are you sensitive to bimatoprost or any other part of Careprost?

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant breastfeeding

Putting on contact lenses

is sick with the liver, kidneys, or lungs

Make sure you follow the directions on the bottle exactly as your doctor told you to. Do not take more than your doctor tells you, and only use it for as long as they tell you to.

How to put the drops in your eyes

To make a small pocket, tilt your head back and pull down your lower eyelid. Put the dropper up to your eye and squeeze out a drop. Close your eye and press your finger on the inside part of your eye, close to your nose, for a while. This will stop the liquid from coming out of your eyes.

You should wait 5 minutes between each drop if you need to use another one. Also, don’t use any other drops for 5 minutes. If you take too much of the medicine, it might not work as well to lower your eye pressure.

Take out your contacts before putting in the eye drops. The medicine has protection in it that can get into the lenses. Because of this, you should take out the glasses before taking the medicine.

Effects of Careprost

These are some of the side effects of the eye drops:

  • Angry feeling
  • An itchy feeling
  • Eyes that are too red to look at
  • Either dryness or watering in the eyes
  • The skin around the eyes becomes darker because of changes in pigmentation.

The drug can cause conjunctival hyperemia, an eye disease that makes the sclera red. This is one of the worst side effects.

Make sure to let your doctor know if you have any side effects after taking the medicine. If you are in a lot of pain, your eyes are discharged, or you are having any other dangerous effects, you will need to get help right away.