CheckPoints of Font for Readability and Accessibility

The font is vital in the website designing, printing, and publishing industries. Selecting the suitable typeface that meets the needs of the purpose is necessary. If you are picking a font type for designing a website, you have to consider a few parameters, and similarly, you will need to follow a few checkpoints for other works, too.

The ultimate goal of using a font in anything is to make it readable and accessible. So, pay more attention while setting and manipulating a font style. Readability is essential to using context in your printables or website. The size and style you select should be legible. Accessibility is necessary but never discussed much in the context of typography. But it is the core of typeface design. 

How Does Typeface Instigate Readability?

Reading a context is what we do as a viewer or a reader of that website. You will undoubtedly read the context on their website pages if you are looking for a service, product, or entertainment. Most writers check their articles’ readability scores to confirm the quality of their writeups. 

Readability of content refers to key elements like size, weight, style, and quality. Many designers use an ai font generator tool to create attractive, unique font styles. If you are one such creator, your efforts are appreciable. But always remember to make your typeface or font readable and easily accessible by the readers and users.

Readability and Accessibility CheckPoints

To pick the right font type for your blog, website, or any printable material, you must qualify through the five checkpoints of readability. 

  • Legibility
  • Quality
  • Font Size 
  • Word Shape
  • Spacing


Creating unique font types that are attractive and readable is essential to grab the attention of your audience. Some font types are readable with precise shapes or structures. The font you create must be identifiable. The text should have an even size and proper spacing. It will look crowded if they lack enough spacing, making it look unprofessional. 


The quality of the article or content is essential. It not only portrays the writer’s skill but also showcases the quality of the website. If your website should look professional and elegant, then check the quality of the writeup and font you select. Your font should resonate with your website theme, card design, social media post, or print material. The most crucial factor that influences the success of your website is the typeface. Apart from the information you share, people are first attracted by its look. So, always check and ensure the quality of the font and content is great.

Font Size

Finding a suitable font for every niche or different requirements is daunting. Still, it is an essential thing. Using a a, you can create a font size that resonates with the standard font sizes of different categories. Some standard font sizes are suitable for websites, print materials, and websites. 

  1. Print Materials – Min. 6pt. – But it requires a magnifier to check those letters or words.
  2. Business Cards – Min. 6pt. & Max. 10pt. – The font on the card must be readable and visible.
  3. Promotional Products – Min 8pt. & Max. 12pt. – It is used on the coffee mugs, notepads, caps, and more.
  4. Resumes – Min. 10.5 pt. & Max. 12pt. – Even 10 or 10.5 pts will look very tiny, and the employer could find it difficult to read. Try to use 11pt, which makes it easier to read.
  5. Website Design – Readable font size must be used. Other than that, you don’t have any restrictions. A website design includes a header tag, paragraph, and paragraph titles. You can even use tiny text in the areas where you need more user attention. 

Word Shape

While creating different types of fonts, the AI may generate unidentifiable shapes. The fonts you design or start using a generating tool must have the proper shape of the alphabet. If your letters are in shape, it will be easier for the reader to find the letter and read it right. The ultimate goal is to make the context readable, but if that fails, then all your efforts are in vain.


The space between each letter must be even and light. If there is not enough space between the letters, it will make the content look crowded and displeasing. If there is more space between the letters, then it will look odd and unattractive. But it is exceptional for the title, names, and other highlighting elements. Use even spacing between the letters to make it look visually appealing and readable.

Let’s Wind Up!

If you are a content creator or a website designer who wants to make your content or blog highly attractive, try different variations of fonts. While creating your font style or choosing a typeface, remember the factors like size, shape, space, quality, and readability. These factors influence the choice of fonts and make them readable and accessible to users. This article will help you identify the right fonts for your website, print material, or other contexts.