Choice Home Warranty George Foreman: Protect Your Home

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman is a famous home warranty company endorsed by boxing legend George Foreman since 2014. The organization offers an assortment of home guarantee plans that cover significant machines and frameworks in your home, like fridges, ovens, dishwashers, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical frameworks. Choice Home Warranty offers extra advantages, like every minute of everyday client care, online case recording, and a free home guarantee statement.

George Foreman is a notable and regarded figure, and his underwriting of Choice Home Warranty assists with giving the organization believability and trust. Foreman is a two-time world heavyweight boxing champion and an Olympic gold medalist. He is likewise a successful business visionary and T.V. character. Foreman’s association with Choice Home Warranty suggests his belief in the company’s products and services.

Eligibility Requirements For Choice Home Warranty George Foreman

Your home should meet the requirements to qualify for Choice Home Warranty inclusion.

  • Location: Your home should be inside the U.S. Decision Home Guarantee doesn’t cover Canada, Mexico, or other nations.
  • Homeownership: You should be the proprietor of the home you seek inclusion for. Choice Home Warranty does not offer the range to renters or landlords.
  • Home Type: Your home should be a solitary family staying, condo, or townhouse. Choice Home Warranty does not offer coverage for commercial properties or apartments.
  • Home Age: Your home can be of all ages yet should be in excellent working condition and appropriately maintained.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Your home’s machines and frameworks should be in perfect working condition and liberated from known or pre-existing conditions. Decision Home Guarantee doesn’t cover fixes for previous issues.

Additional Requirements For Specific Plans

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, some Choice Home Warranty plans may have additional requirements. For example, the Total Comfort Plan requires that your home have central air conditioning and heating systems.

How to Enroll in Choice Home Warranty

To sign up for the Choice Home Warranty, visit their site or call their client care number. You should give data about your home, the machines and frameworks you must cover, and your contact data.

Payment Options

Choice Home Warranty offers several payment options, including monthly, annual, and one-time payments. You can also finance your home warranty through one of their approved lenders.

Customer Service

Choice Home Warranty offers every minute of everyday client care. You can contact them by telephone, email, or visit. They also have a self-service portal where you can manage your account, submit claims, and find other helpful information.

Additional Requirements

  • You must pay an enrollment fee.
  • You must pay a monthly premium.
  • Should consent to the agreements of the contract

Why George Foreman Might Promote The Choice Home Warranty

George Foreman promotes Choice Home Warranty for several reasons:

Brand Credibility

George Foreman is a well-respected and admired figure, a boxing legend, and a successful entrepreneur. His endorsement of Choice Home Warranty lends credibility to the company and its products.

Target audience appeal

Foreman’s down-to-earth personality and relatable experiences resonate with the company’s target audience of homeowners. He is seen as a trustworthy and reliable figure who can speak to the importance of home protection.

Positive brand association

Foreman’s endorsement helps to create a positive brand image for Choice Home Warranty. His association with the company conveys trust, reliability, and value for money.

Effective communication

The Foreman is a natural communicator who can effectively convey the benefits of Choice Home Warranty to potential customers. His commercials and other promotional materials are engaging and informative and resonate with viewers.

Personal experience

Foreman is a homeowner himself and has used Choice Home Warranty in the past. He can speak personally about the benefits of the company’s products and services, which makes his endorsement more believable.

Here are some specific examples of how George Foreman promotes Choice Home Warranty:

  • He appears in television, radio, and print advertisements for the company.
  • He speaks about the benefits of Choice Home Warranty at public events and in interviews.
  • He has a website and social media accounts to promote the company.

Benefits Of Choice Home Warranty George Foreman

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman is a home warranty company that offers a variety of plans to protect your home’s appliances and systems. George Foreman is a brand ambassador for Choice Home Warranty. Here are some of the benefits of Choice Home Warranty, as endorsed by George Foreman:

Peace of mind

Realizing that your home’s apparatuses and frameworks are covered can give you peace of mind. Choice Home Warranty covers breakdowns because of typical mileage, so you will not need to stress over unforeseen fixes or substitution costs.


Choice Home Warranty offers different designs to plan your spending plan. You can choose a plan that covers just your significant appliances or a program that covers everything in your home.


Choice Home Warranty makes repairing your appliances and systems accessible. You can call the organization’s everyday client support line, and they will send a certified expert to your home.


Choice Home Warranty permits you to alter your arrangement to meet your requirements. You can add coverage for optional items like your pool, spa, or septic system.

Free month

Sign up for Choice Home Warranty today and get a month of free service.

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman Offers A Variety Of Features

No pre-existing condition exclusion

Choice Home Warranty doesn’t bar inclusion for prior conditions, so you should rest assured that your apparatuses and frameworks are covered regardless of whether they have been fixed or replaced.

90-day repair guarantee

Choice Home Warranty ensures that your fixes will be finished sufficiently. If you are unsatisfied with the maintenance, the organization will make it right.

Over 8,000 5-star customer reviews

Choice Home Warranty has north of 8,000 5-star client reviews, so you can be sure you are picking a legitimate organization.

Choice Home Warranty is brilliant if you are considering a home guarantee. The organization offers different designs to meet your requirements and spending plan, and it has a demonstrated history of giving incredible client care.

Here are some additional benefits of Choice Home Warranty George Foreman:

  • It helps protect your budget from unexpected repair costs.
  • Knowing that your home’s appliances and systems are covered provides peace of mind.
  • It makes it simple to get your apparatuses and frameworks fixed.
  • Offers different designs to meet your requirements and spending plan.
  • Has a demonstrated history of giving brilliant client support.

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman House Plans

Choice Home Warranty offers a variety of house plans to fit your needs and budget. The particular methods and costs might fluctuate depending on your area; however, here is an outline of the various kinds of projects accessible:

Basic Plan:

  • Covers significant machines, including coolers, dishwashers, broilers, ovens, and waste disposals
  • Covers huge frameworks, including plumbing, electrical, and warming and cooling
  • Beginning cost as low as $30 each month

Deluxe Plan:

  • Includes all the coverage of the Basic Plan
  • Furthermore, it covers extra apparatuses, like washers, dryers, microwaves, and carport door openers.
  • Beginning cost as low as $40 each month

Premium Plan:

  • Includes all the coverage of the Deluxe Plan
  • It covers additional pool and spa equipment, septic systems, and well pumps.
  • Starting price as low as $50 per month

You can also add coverage options, such as appliance repair reimbursement and service call fee coverage.

To get a personalized quote, visit the Choice Home Warranty website or call a representative at 1-800-383-2508.

Choice Home Warranty Contact Information

Here is the contact information for Choice Home Warranty:

  • Phone: 1-800-500-2739
  • Email:

When contacting Choice Home Warranty, please have your account number and policy information ready.

If you need to address Choice Home Warranty George Foreman, you can use the following address:

Choice Home Warranty

Attn: George Foreman

1001 N. Main Street

P.O. Box 2570

Antioch, IL 60006


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman, a leading provider of home warranty plans, has partnered with renowned boxer George Foreman to promote its services. Foreman’s endorsement is meant to convey the brand’s commitment to reliability and dependability, aligning with the characteristics associated with his professional achievements.

The collaboration between Choice Home Warranty and George Foreman highlights the brand’s focus on protecting homeowners from unexpected repair costs associated with home systems and appliances. Foreman’s status as a champion and role model resonates with the message that Choice Home Warranty can help homeowners “knock out” the financial burden of home repairs.

FAQs About Choice Home Warranty George Foreman

  • What is Choice Home Warranty?

Decision Home Guarantee is a home guarantee organization that includes fixes and substitutions of significant home frameworks and machines that separate because of ordinary mileage.

  • Why choose Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty offers several benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your home appliances and systems are covered in case of breakdowns.
  • Convenience: Choice Home Warranty makes filing claims and scheduling repairs easy.
  • Customization: You can pick the arrangement that best meets your requirements and spending plan.
  • Free month: Join today and partake in full free help.
  • What does Choice Home Warranty cover?

Decision Home Guarantee covers many home frameworks and apparatuses, including:

  • Appliances: Fridges, dishwashers, broilers, ovens, microwaves, washers, dryers, waste disposals, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Systems: Warming and cooling frameworks, electrical frameworks, plumbing frameworks, and then some
  • How much does Choice Home Warranty cost?

The cost of a Decision Home Guarantee relies upon your arrangement and the size of your home. You can get a free statement online or call Decision Home Guarantee at 1-888-531-5403.

  • How do I file a claim with Choice Home Warranty?

You can file a claim online or by calling Choice Home Warranty at 1-888-531-5403. Choice Home Warranty will connect you with a qualified repair professional.

  • Why does George Foreman endorse Choice Home Warranty?

George Foreman endorses Choice Home Warranty because he believes it is a valuable product that helps homeowners protect their homes from unexpected repair costs. He also appreciates that Choice Home Warranty is a company that is committed to providing excellent customer service.

  • What does George Foreman’s endorsement mean for Choice Home Warranty?

George Foreman’s endorsement shows trust and credibility for Choice Home Warranty. It indicates that Choice Home Warranty is a company that a well-known and trusted figure respects.

  • How does George Foreman’s endorsement benefit Choice Home Warranty customers?

George Foreman’s endorsement can help Choice Home Warranty customers feel confident that they are choosing a quality home warranty company. It can also help to increase awareness of Choice Home Warranty and its products.

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