How do I convert a JPG to a transparent PNG?

How do I convert a JPG to a transparent PNG?

Converting a JPG (JPEG) image to a transparent PNG involves a two-step process: first, converting the JPG to a PNG, and then making the background of the PNG transparent. Here’s a step-by-step guide using common tools:

Using Online Tools

Convert JPG to PNG:

Use an online image converter to change the JPG to PNG. There are various free online tools available, such as OnlineConvert, Convertio, or Zamzar.

Upload your JPG file to the chosen converter and select PNG as the output format.

Download the converted PNG file.

Make Background Transparent

After converting to PNG, you can use an online image editor like LunaPic ( or (

Upload the converted PNG image to the editor.

Look for an option to remove the background or make it transparent.

Adjust settings if needed, and download the final transparent PNG.

Using Image Editing Software:

Convert JPG to PNG Using Software:

Open your JPG image in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP (free and open-source), or even online tools like Pixlr (

In Photoshop or GIMP, you can usually use the “Save As” or “Export” option to save the file as a PNG.

Make Background Transparent

After saving as PNG, open the PNG file in the same or another image editing software.

Use the tools available to manually remove the background or make it transparent. This often involves using the “Magic Wand” tool, “Lasso” tool, or similar selection tools.

Delete or make the selected background transparent.

Save the final image.

Using Command Line (Linux)

If you are comfortable with command line tools, you can use the convert command from the ImageMagick suite. Make sure you have ImageMagick installed.

# Convert JPG to PNG convert online input.jpg output.png # Make background transparent convert output.png -transparent white output_transparent.png

Set the parameters based on your specific requirements.
Keep in mind that the quality of the transparency will vary depending on the image’s intricacy and the approach utilized.

How do I make a PNG image transparent?

Transparent PNG images are often created using image editing software that supports transparency layers. Here’s an overall guide using common products like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP (a free and open-source equivalent), and an online option:

Using Adobe Photoshop

Open the Image:

Open your PNG image in Adobe Photoshop.

Unlock the Background Layer:

If your image has a locked background layer, double-click on it to unlock it.

Add a New Layer:

Click on the “New Layer” icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to create a new layer.

Move New Layer Below the Image:

Drag the new layer below the original image layer.

Make the Original Layer Active:

Click on the original image layer to make it active.

Use the Magic Wand Tool

Select the “Magic Wand” tool from the toolbar.

Click on the area of the image you want to make transparent. Adjust the tolerance as needed.

Delete or Cut

Press the “Delete” key or use the “Cut” command (Ctrl + X on Windows, Command + X on Mac) to remove the selected area.

Adjust Opacity 

If you want to adjust the overall transparency of the entire image, you can use the opacity slider in the Layers panel.

Save the Image:

Save the image as a PNG to preserve the transparency.

Using GIMP

Open the Image:

Open your PNG image in GIMP.

Add an Alpha Channel:

If the image does not already have an alpha channel, go to “Layer” > “Transparency” > “Add Alpha Channel.”

Select the Eraser Tool:

Choose the “Eraser” tool from the toolbox.

Adjust Tool Settings:

Adjust the tool settings, such as brush size and hardness, based on your preferences.

Erase the Background:

Use the eraser tool to erase the areas of the image you want to make transparent.

Save the Image:

Save the image as a PNG to preserve the transparency.

Using an Online Tool

If you prefer an online solution:

Use LunaPic:

Go to LunaPic’s website (

Upload your PNG image.

Select the “Transparent” option under the Edit menu.

Adjust the tolerance as needed.

Click on the background to make it transparent.

Save the image.

Keep in mind that the specific steps might vary slightly based on the software or online tool you are using. Additionally, for more complex images, manual editing may be required to achieve precise transparency of JPG to PNG .

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