The Greenery Fort Smith: Where Quality and Customer Care Meet

The Greenery is a medical cannabis dispensary in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Offer various products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and CBD. Also, provide delivery services to Sebastian County residents. They also offer same-day delivery on orders over $100.


The Greenery Fort Smith is a weed dispensary furnishing its clients with the most fantastic items and ideal client care insight. The dispensary is possessed by and worked by a group of experienced pot experts who are enthusiastic about assisting their clients with tracking down the right items for their specific requirements.

The PlantLife Stronghold Smith offers different pot items, including blossoms, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. The dispensary likewise offers various embellishments, like lines, bongs, and vaporizers. The group is eager to assist clients in picking the correct items and extras.

Notwithstanding its wide determination of items, The Greenery Post Smith is additionally known for its magnificent client care. The dispensary’s group is agreeable, proficient, and continuously able to go above and beyond to help their clients. Greenery Post Smith likewise offers different instructive assets to assist its clients with diving more deeply into weed and its advantages.

Item Rundown Of Greenery Fort Smith

Here are a portion of the items they sell.

CBD Items

Mixed CBD Oil, Injected Medicine, Full Range CBD Salve, CBD Face Serum, 50mg CBD Hand Sanitizer.


Strio Battery, Supernatural Blue Raspberry Sticky Blend, Bellos 320mAh Battery, The Greenery Shirt, Silicone Margarine Plate, Silicone Sticky Plate, The Vegetation Cap, Strio Cartboy.


Treat Dos Live Rosin Badder .5g, Ben’s Bison Live Sugar 1g, Wedding Cake Budder 1g – Striking, Harsh Apple Budder 1g, Angry George Disintegrate 1g, Super Lemon Dimness 1g Badder – NSM, Peach Crescendo Live Rosin Badder, 1 Gram Sugar – Brilliant Goat.


Lime Bend Seltzer, Dark Cherry Bubble Seltzer, Mango Seltzer, Orange Impact Seltzer, Berry Power Seltzer, Blended Berry Drink Blend, Mango Drink Blend, Orange Impact Seltzer.


Collaboration Skin Worx Transdermal Fix – CBD, Suppositories 7pk – Osage, Scar Recuperating Effective, 15mL, Intense Body Spread, Effective – NSM, Implanted Magnificence Salve – EGYPTIAN MUSK, Imbued BODY Ointment ROSEMARY.


Indica Color – NSM, Sativa Color – NSM, Injected Mind-set Drops (Cold Brew) – Shake Extractions, Mixed Vita-Drops for Stomach Wellbeing (Cranberry) – Shake Extractions, Implanted Rest Drops (Vanilla Bean with Honey) – Shake Extractions.


They have a wide determination of blossom strains, including Indica and Sativa assortments. Their most famous topics incorporate Purple Punch, Gelato, and Wedding Cake.


Afghani Tangie Vape, Blackberry + CBN (Indica) Sprinkle Cartridge, Blue Raspberry Crush GO Pen Dispensable Truck GDF, Herbal Terp Tear Stick – Strawberry Kiwi.

Clients Love About The Greenery Fort Smith

Here are only a couple of the things that clients love.

Excellent Items

The Greenery Fort Smith sources items from the best weed makers. The dispensary’s group cautiously arranges its determination of things to guarantee that its clients approach the most ideal pot items.

Fantastic Client Care

The Greenery Post Smith Group is well-disposed, proficient, and able to go above and beyond to help its clients. The dispensary’s group is glad to address any inquiries clients might have about weed or its items.

Instructive Assets

The Greenery Fort Smith offers different informational assets to assist its clients with looking into the pot and its advantages. The dispensary’s site includes a blog with valuable articles about marijuana, and the dispensary likewise offers everyday instructive occasions.


Here are some advantages of shopping at.

Wide Determination Of Items

The Vegetation offers different marijuana items from numerous brands. This implies that you can find the ideal item for your necessities, whether searching for a particular kind of bloom, a specific sort of eatable, or a point-by-point cannabinoid profile.

Excellent Items

The Greenery is focused on furnishing its patients with great pot items. The dispensary sources its items from legitimate sellers and tests them to guarantee they are protected and powerful.

Proficient Staff

The staff at The Greenery has learned about weed items and can assist you with tracking down the right things for your necessities. They can likewise respond to any inquiries you have about weed use.

Dedication Program

The Greenery offers an unwaveringness program that permits patients to procure limits on future purchases. For each $1 you spend at The Vegetation, you acquire one point. Whenever you have procured 500 focuses, you get a $5 markdown on your next buy.

Notwithstanding the advantages recorded above, The Vegetation likewise offers a few different benefits, including.

Helpful Area

The vegetation is found advantageously in Stronghold Smith, making it simple for patients to get to.

Perfect And Inviting Climate

The Vegetation has a spotless and inviting environment, making it an agreeable spot to look for pot items.

Web-Based Requesting

Greenery offers internet requesting, so you can skirt the line and get your request whenever the timing is ideal.

In general, The Greenery is a fantastic choice for patients looking for a dispensary with a wide determination of excellent pot items, educated staff, and a helpful area.

Working Overall Setting

  • Their active times are
  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM–12:15 PM


The Greenery is at 4520 Phoenix Ave., Stronghold Smith, AR 72908, USA.


Assume you are searching for a weed dispensary in Post Smith, Arkansas that offers great items, magnificent client care, and instructive assets. The best spot for you. The Fort Smith is focused on furnishing its clients with the most ideal weed insight.

FAQs About Greenery Fort Smith

What is the location of Greenery Fort Smith?

The location of Greenery Fort Smith is 4520 Phoenix Ave, Stronghold Smith, AR 72908, USA.

What are the active times at Greenery Fort Smith?

Greenery is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

What items does Greenery Fort Smith sell?

Greenery Post Smith sells various weed items, including blossoms, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.

Does Greenery Fort Smith offer conveyance?

Indeed, Greenery Fort Smith provides conveyance for select regions in Stronghold Smith.

Does Greenery Fort Smith offer limits?

Indeed, Greenery Fort Smith gives various deals, including a first-time client rebate, a tactical markdown, and a senior rebate.

What is the merchandise exchange of Greenery Fort Smith?

Greenery Post Smith acknowledges returns on unopened items within 7 days of procurement.

Does Greenery Fort Smith have a faithfulness program?

Indeed, Greenery has a loyalty program that rewards clients for their purchases.

What are the installment techniques acknowledged by PlantLife Stronghold Smith?

They acknowledge cash, charge cards, and Visas.

Greenery Fort Smith, a clinical dispensary?

No, it is not a clinical dispensary.

Is Greenery Fort Smith 21+, as it were?

Indeed, Greenery is 21+, as it were.

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