Want To Know How to Start an Activewear Line In USA? – Here Is What You Need To Know!

Starting your own activewear line can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour. With the activewear market expected to reach new heights in 2024, there is huge potential for new brands. But launching your own activewear line also takes careful planning and preparation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start an activewear line in the USA. From researching the market to choosing the best fitness clothing manufacturers for your business, we cover it all.

How to Start an Activewear Line In USA?

  • Research the Activewear Market:

The first step when learning how to start an activewear line in the USA is to thoroughly research the activewear market. Look at existing brands, price points, fabrics, silhouettes, and more. This will help you identify gaps or opportunities for your brand. Analyze competitors to determine what sets them apart and what pain points you can solve for customers. Understanding the market landscape is crucial before you learn further about how to start an activewear line.

  • Choose Your Niche:

Activewear is a broad category, so it helps to focus your line on a specific niche. Will you cater to runners, yogis, or gym-goers? Is your target demographic men, women, or unisex? What age range? Defining your niche will determine design elements like fabrics, fits, styles, and marketing. Ensure your activewear fills a need not met by current brands. 

  • Source an Activewear Manufacturer

The next step on this comprehensive “how to start an activewear line” is creating prototypes and manufacturing a full activewear collection requires finding the right clothing factory. Seek out manufacturers that specialize in activewear using technical fabrics. Professional manufacturers can provide you with the best quality activewear which is the key to running a successful business.

4. Set Your Prices

Using your business plan financials, determine pricing for each activewear product. Factor in manufacturing costs plus your desired profit margin. Price competitively based on competitors’ rates for comparable items. You may offer tiered pricing between core and premium lines. Allow room for discounts and retailer markups if selling wholesale.

5. Build Your Brand Identity

Consistency is key for strong branding. Develop a brand style guide covering visual elements like colour palette, fonts, logo use, overall look and feel. Create branded elements like hang tags, labels, and stickers. Write your brand’s story and mission for the “About Us” page. Establish your tone of voice for copy. Invest in professional photos to showcase products.

6. Market Your New Activewear Brand

Executing the marketing plan is the next step when learning about how to start an activewear line. Promote your new activewear through social media, influencer partnerships, digital ads, and guerilla tactics. Seek press coverage with sports and fitness publications. Network and sponsor events related to your niche. Offer discounts and promotions to attract customers. Build organic word-of-mouth buzz.

Key Tips On How To Start An Activewear Line In USA

  • Design Quality Performance Pieces 

Activewear needs technical elements like stretch, sweat-wicking, and breathability. Choose fabrics and construction that move with the body. Test for durability during workouts. Design for both form and serious function.

  • Fit Is Everything

Take the time to perfect the fit. Test samples on real people with different body types. Tweak designs to flatter and avoid slipping or chafing during activities. Don’t rely on standard size charts.

  • Know Your Customer

Keep your target active customer at the forefront when designing pieces. Meet their needs for studio classes, running trails, or gym sessions. Make them feel amazing in your activewear.

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Activewear Line

  • Rushing Product Development

Creating quality activewear takes time. Don’t cut corners in design, sampling, fit testing, and sourcing materials. Rushing leads to disappointing products.

  • Neglecting Technical Performance

Fabrics that don’t wick moisture or stand up to workouts destroy your brand credibility. Thoroughly test technical elements and durability.

  • Copying Current Brands

While analyzing competitors is wise, blatant copying will make your line look unoriginal. Offer something fresh and fill whitespace in the market.

  • Skipping Market Research

Understanding customer needs, existing brands, prices and trends is crucial. Don’t skip researching your niche—it saves you costly mistakes down the road.


Starting an activewear line requires dedication but reaching customers with a brand they love is so rewarding. Avoid common pitfalls, follow industry best practices, and keep customers’ needs central. For help bringing your vision to life, contact clothing manufacturing experts.